What Is the Lap Joint Flange

Role of lap joint flange
Lap joint flanges are mainly used to connect equipment or flanges, such as pumps or flanges on valves. Lap flanges have the following two distinctive features.

1. Lap joint flanges are easy to install. For example, if the equipment has not yet arrived at the construction site, but the piping has already been laid out, the lap flange can be used in this case. After the equipment arrives, it is very simple to install the lap joint flange on the equipment, because the lap joint flange is flexible and movable, and there is no problem that the bolts can not be installed into the bolt holes.

2. The use of lap joint flanges makes it easy to change pipe materials, such as replacing stainless steel pipe with carbon steel pipe. When it is necessary to replace the stainless steel pipe with carbon steel pipe in the project, in order to save construction cost, the flange can be made of stainless steel and the welding neck can be made of carbon steel, which creates a perfect transformation. In fact, in order to save materials and money, this situation often occurs in the project.

The manufacturing standard of lap joint flange:
1. GB/T9120-2010
2. JB/T84-2015
3. ISO 7005-1-2011
4. BS 4504-3.1
5. DIN EN 1092-1-2008
6. ASME/ANSI B16.5

Lap Joint Flange And Stub End

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