What are flanged pipe fittings

Flange fittings are also known as flange plates or flanges. Flange fittings are connectors between pipes, used for connection between the two ends of the pipe; there are also flange fittings used on the inlet and outlet of equipment, used for the connection between two devices, such as the flange fittings of the reducer. Flange fittings connection or flange fittings joint refers to the removable connection of flange fittings, gaskets and bolts as a group of combined sealing structure. Flange fittings are the flange fittings of piping equipment and the inlet and outlet flange fittings when the equipment is in use. There are holes in the flange fittings and two flange fittings are connected by bolts. Gasket sealing is used between the flange pipe joints. Flange fittings are divided into threaded connection (threaded connection) flange fittings, flange fittings and clamp flange fittings.

Flanged fittings are used in pairs. Low-pressure pipes can use flanged fittings with wire connections. Flange fittings are used for pipes with pressures over four kilograms. Gaskets are added between the plates of two flange fittings and then bolted tight. Flange fittings for different pressures have different thicknesses and they use different bolts. When water pumps and valves are connected to pipes, the parts of these devices and equipment are also made into flange fittings of the corresponding shape, also known as flange fittings connection. Where the periphery of the two planes are bolted closed together in the connection, generally known as “flange fittings”. Such as the connection of ventilation ducts, such parts can be called “flange fitting parts”. However, this connection is only a part of the equipment, such as flange pipe and pump connection, it is not good to call the pump “flange fittings”. Relatively small, such as valves, can be called “flange fittings”. Reducer flange fittings are used for the connection between the motor and the reducer, as well as the connection between the reducer and other equipment.

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