Weld neck flange pipe fittings application range

Weld neck flange fittings are flanges with neck and butt-welding connection with the pipe. Butt-welding flange fittings are not easy to deformation, good sealing, wide range of uses, suitable for pressure or temperature drastically shaken pipeline or high temperature, high pressure, low temperature pipeline, the advantage of a cheaper price, the nominal pressure does not exceed 2.5mpa; also used for the delivery of expensive, flammable, explosive media pipeline, the nominal pressure of the PN16MPa or so. Butt welding flange fittings gasket according to the pressure of different levels of material is not the same. From low pressure asbestos gasket, high pressure asbestos gasket to metal gasket.

Weld neck flange fittings is one kind of flange fittings, which has been widely used and promoted in the machinery industry, and is highly praised and loved by users. Butt-welding flange fittings are widely used, the scope of use is determined according to different characteristics, and are mostly used in occasions where the medium conditions are relatively mild, such as low-pressure non-purified compressed air, low-pressure circulating water and so on, and the advantage is that the price is relatively inexpensive.

Cangzhou Taichang is a large company of produce flanges and pipe fittings, the company’s main pipeline equipment products, after years of development, the business has been spread over the world more than 30 countries.

Flanges-2Carbon steel flange

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