Unfavorable factors for the development of carbon steel flanges in China

China’s carbon steel flange industry has a bright future, but there are still some unfavorable factors restricting its further development.

1. As the main material of steel flanges, carbon steel is in urgent need of transformation under the current increasing pressure. The steel industry may face the danger of underproduction. The decrease in production will lead to an increase in steel prices in a short period of time, and therefore the cost of steel flanges will also increase. As a result, the price of steel flanges will fluctuate and the steel flange industry will be greatly affected.

2. In recent years, China’s steel flange industry has been developing rapidly, not only the production level has been greatly improved, but also the production quantity. However, the embarrassing situation is that small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises develop faster and occupy a relatively large share in the market; on the contrary, large enterprises like us are fewer and less competitive. From the current development situation, the carbon steel flange industry is also facing the risk of being eliminated.

3. Under the influence of the financial crisis, the market of steel, construction and upstream and downstream industries declined, which is undoubtedly a fatal impact on the carbon steel flange industry. The financial crisis has had a negative impact on the domestic carbon steel flange industry to a certain extent, but its inherent disadvantages have been revealed. Under the market economy system, the situation has been greatly improved.

4. China’s carbon steel flange industry has a broad domestic market, but a narrow export market. Under the direction of building a resource-saving society and an environment-friendly society, the Twelfth Five-Year Plan contributes to the realization of the development path of new industrialization. Affected by the financial crisis, domestic orders have been reduced and material prices have been rising, which promotes the industrial change of superiority and elimination of inferiority, and some backward production capacity has been eliminated, which provides a better space for the further development of carbon steel flange industry.

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