The three main features of butt welding elbow fittings

Butt-welding elbow fittings have the following three characteristics:

1. Generally, butt-welding elbow fittings are carried out at the pipeline construction site, because the welding specifications for various pipelines are different and need to be welded on site according to the weld grade of the pipeline.

2. Welded elbow fittings have welds. After the welding operation is completed, the elbow fittings should be treated with antirust or anticorrosion treatment according to the actual situation or the external environment of the pipeline to prevent rust or corrosion at the weld seams of the elbow fittings.

3. Butt-welding elbow fittings are mainly used to connect two sections of pipe with different end radii, or used to adjust the size of the pipe. The general requirements of such elbow fittings are based on detailed engineering requirements or detailed drawings. In addition to meet the requirements of the pipe diameter, should also take into account the specific conditions of the pipeline, such as pipeline conveying pressure, fluid viscosity, wear and tear, corrosion, fluid conveying temperature and other factors.

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