The Difference Between Spectacle Blind Flange And Blind Flange

As we all know, pipes are usually connected by some kind of fittings, which we call “flanges”. However, in real life, many people don’t know much about flanges and Spectacle flanges and often get confused. Here, we will make a special distinction between flanges and Spectacle Blind Flanges for you, as explained below:
Spectacle blind flange is a kind of flange without a hole in the middle. It is mainly used for sealing the front end of the pipe and sealing the port. Its function is the same as the valve head and pipe cover, but the spectacle blind flange seal is a removable sealing device, which can not be opened again to seal the valve head. The materials of spectacle blind flange include carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel, plastic and so on. Due to good sealing performance, spectacle blind flange can play the role of isolation, cutting, sealing head, pipe cover and so on. When completely separated, it is usually used as a constant means of isolation. Blinds are solid plates with handles. It is generally more convenient to use flanged blinds in isolation systems used under normal conditions. During normal operation, yellow throttling rings may also be used to fill the installation gap of the blind on the pipe.

Blind flange (also known as end flange or flange cap) is a component that connects pipes, usually with a hole in the end of the pipe. When connected, flanges need to be bolted tight. Flanges are sealed with gaskets or serve a temporary purpose during testing. Flanges are common valve plate components in piping projects. Generally, depending on the connection method, flanges are categorized into threaded connection flanges, welded flanges and clamping flanges. Threaded flanges and welded flanges can be used for low-pressure pipelines, and pressures can exceed PN4.

1. Because of its good performance characteristics, the flange has been widely used in chemical industry, construction, petroleum, sanitation, pipeline and fire-fighting and other basic engineering.
2. in pipeline strength test or sealing test, the original start-up preparation stage of the glasses blind flange can not be used at the same time with the connecting equipment. Blinds should be installed at the junction of equipment and piping. Various process material piping is connected in the boundary area outside the boundary area. Spectacle blind flanges shall be installed at shut-off valves when the equipment is out of operation.

Well, the above content is about the difference between flange and spectacle blind flange. I hope you can understand it. After all, it is only through understanding that you can choose the right connecting fittings to make the pipeline connection closer. Follow us to take you to understand flanges, elbows and so on!
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Carbon Steel And Stainless Steel Spectacle Blind FlangeCarbon Steel And Stainless Steel Blind Flange

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