How to solve the leakage problem of large flange fittings

During use, large flange fittings may leak due to improper connection of large flange fittings or too long use of large flange fittings. In this case, the problem can be solved by the following methods.

First check for leaks. At the leakage site, since the large flange fittings are small, the leakage can be eliminated by injecting sealant into the leakage. Seal construction method Based on the survey of the leakage site, in order to accomplish limited leakage plugging, the method of fixing fixture is selected to contain the leakage point, form a sealing cavity, inject sealant, and then eliminate the leakage. One side of the fixture is customized. Fixture to meet the leakage point of large flange fittings, the sealing cavity between the valve body large flange fittings and pipeline large flange fittings is the key. In order to prevent the valve body and large flange fittings from reoccurring leakage potential due to pressure holding, an annular cavity adhesive is set on the outer edge of the fixture and the valve body large flange fittings. Since the fixture is easy to shift to the side of the small-diameter large flange fittings during the injection molding process, the tooth-contact clamping limiting method is selected. In operation, when the sealant is solidified, the pressure is partially filled to prevent stress relaxation by observing the action, and then the injection hole is closed.

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