High-pressure flange market prospects

High-pressure flange connection steel gate valve is suitable for PN10.0 ~ 25.0Mpa, class75-class2500, working temperature -29 ℃ ~ 600 ℃ under the conditions of the pipeline, such as petroleum, chemical, thermal power plant to cut off or connect the medium. High-pressure flange connection steel gate valve is suitable for water, oil and steam and other media, the operation method: manual drive, gear drive, electric drive, etc..

The flange industry has been developing for more than a decade, during which China’s domestic open policy and economic situation have provided favorable conditions for the development of the flange industry. In addition, the space for upgrading is huge. It is expected that the flange industry will have a large upgrade in the next few years.

At present, China’s petrochemical industry is developing in the direction of large-scale and internationalization. In the next 5 years, it will continue to maintain sustainable development. Dozens of sets of 10 million tons of oil refining units and million tons of ethylene units will be built and put into operation, which opens up a broad market for petrochemical valves and flanges. In addition, the various types of pumps operating in domestic refineries are aging and need to be upgraded.

In the next five years, the development trend of China’s petrochemical use of flanges is large-scale, electromechanical integration, as well as standardization and complete sets. In particular, high temperature and high pressure flange, low temperature flange and low temperature stainless steel flange, conveying viscous media and solid particles of media production technology stainless steel flange is developing rapidly, the demand will increase greatly. Flange market price is relatively stable, although there is a small rise and fall every year, but the magnitude is very small, so the flange market outlook is still broad.

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