Flanges for wind power generation

As one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources, the proportion of wind power in the global electricity production structure has been increasing year by year, and the development prospect is promising. It is predicted that the cumulative installed capacity of global wind power will maintain a steady growth of about 9.5 per cent per year in the future, and will reach 841 gigawatts in 2022. In addition, the new installed capacity of global wind power will continue to grow steadily, and it is expected that the new installed capacity will reach 50gw per year.

The flange of a wind turbine, i.e. the wind power flange, is a structural member that connects the sections of the tower or between the tower and the hub, or between the hub and the blades. Due to its working environment, the minimum temperature is close to minus 40 ℃, and the maximum requirement to withstand the wind can be up to 12 levels. Therefore, to produce qualified wind power flanges, manufacturers need to carry out strict screening and gatekeeping in materials, production processes, quality control and other aspects.

Cangzhou Taichang Pipeline Equipment Co. Cangzhou Taichang Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. has professional flange production equipment, which can produce 6 metres wind power flanges. According to the use environment of wind power flanges, we choose low alloy high strength steel as the material and specify the heat treatment requirement as normalising. Normalising technology can improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of forged flanges by refining the grain, homogenising the organisation, improving the organisational defects and other measures. Thus, it can fully meet the needs of wind turbines.

Cangzhou Taichang Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing steel flange, elbow, tee and other pipeline equipment . The company has a perfect production and inspection department, every piece of alloy steel pipe fittings will go through strict production process and quality control. Our company only produces high quality products, if you have the demand for high quality alloy steel pipe fittings please contact us. Looking forward to cooperating with you!

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