Duplex Steel Pipe Fittings

Our duplex steel butt-weld fittings limit a wide range of localized corrosion and are indispensable in applications requiring compact and flexible seals. Duplex steel reducers inhibit deformation and cracking at high temperatures, and are superior to common steel joints in the chemical industry that are sensitive to chloride stress corrosion cracking. Duplex steel fittings are used in flue gas desulfurization equipment. Duplex steel fittings have good resistance to acute toxicity and elasticity.

Material of duplex steel pipe fitting:

Duplex steel 2205, Duplex steel S31803, Duplex steel S32205, Super duplex steel 2205, Super duplex steel S32750, Super duplex steel S32760 and so on.

Duplex steel pipe fittings we have:

Duplex steel elbow: Duplex steel 2205 elbow,Duplex steel S31803 elbow, Duplex steel S32205 elbow,Super duplex steel 2205 elbow,Super duplex steel S32750 elbow,Super duplex steel S32760 elbow,45degree elbow,60degree elbow,30degree elbow,120degree elbow,180degree elbow,long radius elbow,short radius elbow, 2D elbow, 3D elbow, 5D elbow,6D elbow,8D elbow, 10D elbow.
Duplex steel tee: Duplex steel 2205 tee,Duplex steel S31803 tee, Duplex steel S32205 tee,Super duplex steel 2205 tee,Super duplex steel S32750 tee,Super duplex steel S32760 tee,Stainless steel equal tee, Alloy steel reducing tee.
Duplex steel reducer: Duplex steel 2205 reducer,Duplex steel S31803 reducer, Duplex steel S32205 reducer,Super duplex steel 2205 reducer,Super duplex steel S32750 reducer,Super duplex steel S32760 reducer,Duplex steel Concentric reducer,Duplex steel Eccentric reducer
Duplex steel end cap: Duplex steel 2205 end cap,Duplex steel S31803 end cap, Duplex steel S32205 end cap,Super duplex steel 2205 end cap,Super duplex steel S32750 end cap,Super duplex steel S32760 end cap,
Duplex steel stub end: Duplex steel 2205 stub end,Duplex steel S31803 stub end, Duplex steel S32205 stub end,Super duplex steel 2205 stub end,Super duplex steel S32750 stub end,Super duplex steel S32760 stub end,

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