Advantages of lap joint flange/ loose flange fittings

As we all know, flange fittings connection is widely used as a flexible, simple and practical connection method. Flange fittings connection needs flange fittings pipe, flange fittings pipe is divided into fixed flange fittings pipe and loose type flange fittings pipe. Fixed flange fittings pipe on the flange pipe manufacturing requirements are higher, its manufacturing process is also more complex, higher cost, time cycle is also longer, sometimes in some parts of the installation is not convenient. The loose flange pipe processing is simple, low cost, in any part of the installation can be rotated flange pipe fittings angle, so the connection is more convenient.

There are two types of loose sleeve flange pipe fittings: welded steel ring type and heated flange type. Welded steel ring type flange pipe fittings and tubes, the requirements in the factory lathe processing steel ring, and then arc welding molding, not only need special processing equipment and processing cycle is long, high cost. The heating flange type flange pipe fittings and pipes have the advantages of loose set flange pipe fittings and pipes, processing technology is simple, processing time is short, low cost, processing site randomness is good, can be processed and molded at the scene, together with the appropriate pipeline small point of view of the flip site adjustment.

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Lap Joint Flange And Stub End

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