A brief analysis of the flange industry

With the development of flange industry, more and more new types of flanges are introduced. At the same time, flanges are also applied to a wider range of industrial fields, such as petrochemical industry, oil refining industry, nuclear power industry, thermal power industry and so on. Larger industrial application fields mean more new requirements on the quality and technology of flanges. The following are the application prospects of flanges in various industries.

1 Petrochemical industry: The industry has always been competitive and demanding. The future flange will coordinate with industrial automation, improve the overall level of flange equipment, and develop multifunctional, high-efficiency, low-consumption petrochemical flange equipment. The annual output value of petrochemical enterprises in China is in billions, which shows that there is a large flange market in China. Therefore, we should start from the perspective of market changes to ensure steady development.

2 Oil industry: With the introduction of a series of policies and measures, the output and production scale of China’s oil refining industry has continued to grow, and the structural adjustment has been gradually promoted. All these maintain a good momentum of development, we can see that the application of flanges in China’s oil refining industry has a huge market space.

3 Nuclear power industry: As the basic equipment for nuclear power, carbon steel flanges, stainless steel flanges, threaded flanges, carbon steel elbows, stainless steel elbows and stainless steel tees account for a certain proportion in this industry. Therefore, they need to continuously introduce new products and equipment in this area to meet the market demand.

In addition, there is also a huge demand for flanges in the construction industry and other specialised industries. The wide range of applications of flanges fully demonstrates the rapid development and good prospects of the flange industry.

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