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Cangzhou Taichang Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in providing various international standards of steel flanges, pipe fittings, pipe supports and hangers. Founded in 1999, officially registered in 2002, and started exporting in the same year. Our main products are flanges, elbows, tees, reducers, caps, socket welded fittings, threaded fittings, pipe supports and hangers.

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Cases We have Made

We have done various of custom projects, please check some of our project cases for study.

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HAYA Depot Expansion Project

This is an oil depot expansion project. The purchaser intends to purchase a series of products such as steel pipes, flanges, elbows, tees, reducing pipes,  bolts, nuts and gaskets, etc. Cangzhou Taichang has a large number of successful cases in the oil industry.

Project (2)

Hungary Gas Transmission Project

This project is applied in Europe. The main products to be purchased are flanges and pipe fittings.And all products are required to meet the CE standard, especially in the aspect of pressure capacity, the requirement is very high.

Project (1)

Rantau Dedap Geothermal Power Project

This is the third batch of two new energy power station projects signed in August and September 2017 respectively.
There are altogether nine projects in this batch, including one large-scale hydropower project, one geothermal project and seven micro-hydropower stations with a total installed capacity of 640.6MW.

Project (4)

Chile Quebrada blanca Fase

Cangzhou Taichang has won the bidding among many bidders by virtue of its high-quality technical level and considerate service.The main products purchased this time include large-diameter anticorrosive bend with bending radius of 5D and large-diameter seamless carbon steel pipe. Both products conform to American petroleum pipeline standard, and the anticorrosive layer is made of 3LPE with good anticorrosive effect.

Project (5)

Water Sewage Project-UZB

Government of Uzbekistan is implementing the 2nd phase of Project “Sewerage systems of Bukhara and Samarkand cities” through regional Water Supply Utilities (BVK and SVK) and Project Coordination Group (PCG) in Tashkent. The main objective of the Project is to increase efficiency and stability of the sewerage system operation in Bukhara and Samarkand.

Project (3)

Edco/Abo Hommos & El Walydiya Power Station Gas Pipeline Projects

This project is a natural gas pipeline project in Egypt, which requires a large number of pipe fittings. After strict production control, the flanges, tees, reducers and other products required by this project will be delivered to the customers with both quality and quantity guaranteed.The success of this cooperation also makes our future cooperation with GASCO full of expectations.

Who Work With Taichang

PetroChina Co Ltd.

PetroChina Co Ltd. is one of the biggest company in oil and gas industry. It have orders every month.

Cangzhou Taichang is a supplier of PetroChina Co Ltd., we mainly supplier carbon steel elbows, tees, reducers and flanges.


Kandym Gas Processing Complex (KGPC) is a new gas production facility being built to process gas condensate from the Kandym group of fields located in Bukhara Province, south-west of Uzbekistan. Cangzhou Taichang cooperate with LUKOIL in this project. It is LUKOIL’s biggest investment project in Uzbekistan.


Algeria national Petroleum And Natural Gas Company is a large state-owned oil company in Africa. Algeria is rich in condensate oil and natural gas resources, which is the main investment and development target of the government of Algeria at present. The total natural gas reserves account for 70% of the total national oil and gas reserves, ranking the 18th in the world.


Founded in 1857, GASCO is an Egyptian oil and gas company. Each year, GASCO supplies natural gas, gasoline and other petrochemical products to residential, commercial, industrial and real estate customers in most parts of Egypt.


Tianjin Pipe Corporation (TPCO) is the most famous carbon steel pipe company in China and also most known in the world. Our carbon steel pipe fittings raw material is most come from here, so we can meet the most most stringent tests.

Jiangsu Wujin

Jiangsu Wujin is one of the most famous stainless steel pipe company in China and also most known in the world. Our stainless steel pipe fittings raw material is most come from here, so we can meet the most most stringent tests.

Why Choose Our Products?

Professional Experiences

We have been serving the Oil and Gas company for the last decades, succeed to achieve full satisfied contracts with the most famous customers of the oilfield activity such as SINOPEC / CNPC / LUKOIL KANDYM / SONATRACH ALGERIA / GASCO and much more.

Efficient Procurement and Inspection

In order to meet diversified market demands and maintain competitive advantages. Cangzhou Taichang has set up a specialized purchasing department and inspection management department. From manufacturer audits, quality planning, pre-inspection meetings, inspection witnessing to quality inspection, we has a dedicated staff in charge.

Complete Traceability

Every single product from Cangzhou Taichang is completely traceable for each process, including raw material control, Heating No, Batch No, Product No. Once the Non-qualified material is found, corresponding test and improvement will be done accordingly.

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